Prayer 18

The prayer series


Let’s cook.

Help me cook good meals for my family.

Do you like quail eggs?

They’re so cute.
The patterns on the shells are pretty.
Big spots and small spots are really unique.
With just different shades of black and white,
you draw them so beautiful, Jesus.

Today we’ll boil eggs.
Would you help me watch this pot
and control the gas stove?

Then would you help me shell the eggs?
We’ll shell them carefully
to make a good-looking dish.
But we also need to work fast
because eating time is coming.

Yeah, we have the perfect quail-egg dish.
Other dishes are also good.
Everyone in the family says,
“You cook very well.”
I look at you
and “Thank you, Jesus.”
You smile with me.

Thank you for cooking with me
and giving joy to the family.



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