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The World This WeekSeptember 23, 2022
Putin’s Gamble

Thomas GrahamDestroyed Russian military equipment in the center of Izyum, Ukraine, which was liberated after months of occupation. Wojciech Grzedzinski/Washington Post/Getty ImagesRussia’s moves to mobilize thousands more troops and to annex more of Ukraine’s territory signal a new, potentially more dangerous phase of the war. Get the quick take
Western Support for Ukraine Will Withstand Pressure James M. LindsayRussian President Vladimir Putin is betting he can coerce the West into abandoning Ukraine by cutting gas supplies. It’s not a bet he’s likely to win. Read more on The Water’s Edge
Why Biden’s Shift on Taiwan Independence Matters David SacksPresident Joe Biden’s embrace of strategic clarity is a welcome and overdue adjustment to U.S. policy, but a critical corollary to that shift should be clear messaging that such a commitment would not be operative if Taiwan were to provoke a crisis by unilaterally declaring independence. Read more on Asia Unbound
Brazil’s Global Ambitions The Latin American giant has long sought a greater role on the world stage, but political upheaval and other enduring challenges have complicated its efforts. Get the background
Trouble Brewing for CoffeeThe latest episode of the Why It Matters podcast explores how climate change could cause coffee beans to lose half of their farmable land by 2050 as temperatures and weather patterns become more extreme and less predictable.Listen
China Is Quietly Trying to Dethrone the Dollar Zongyuan Zoe LiuBeijing is not, for now, attempting to make the yuan an internationalized currency. Instead, it is taking steps to make the yuan a regionally powerful currency through local institutions in China and regional intergovernmental organizations such as the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO). Read the opinion
Zimbabwe’s Sanctions Smokescreen Michelle GavinSanctions serve as a handy scapegoat for political elites, who often mischaracterize them as a blanket ban on trade and investment in Zimbabwe and assert that these restrictions, rather than their own mismanagement, are to blame for the country’s troubles.  Read more on Africa in Transition
China’s Repression of UyghursA recent UN report said China’s abuses in Xinjiang are part of a decades-long crackdown on Uyghurs that could amount to crimes against humanity. Get the background
Will Obi Reinvigorate the Nigerian Labor Movement? Ebenezer ObadareThe alliance between presidential candidate Peter Obi and the Labour Party in Nigeria disguises a fundamental conflict between their political and economic outlooks. Read more on Africa in Transition
 Inside CFR
Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis discusses the role of Greece in the European Union and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, the economic and physical security of Europe following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and the relationship between Greece and the United States. Watch the discussion Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto Zardari discusses seventy-five years of Pakistan-U.S. relations, as well as the challenges of climate change, including the recent flooding in Pakistan. Watch the discussion
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