The traffic lights in Sapa

Sapa corner

Dear Brothers and Sisters, 

How’s it going? Do you have any memories with traffic lights?

I remember, when I was a teen, my friends and I talked about traffic lights. We asked one another why Sapa didn’t have any. Some friends answered, “Sapa is just a small town. Only big cities have traffic lights”, while others replied, “Perhaps it would be hard to install traffic lights on the sloping roads in Sapa.” At that time, we all were curious to know where people would put traffic lights. 

After many years, Sapa finally had its first traffic lights installed in 2020. The lights are positioned at the four-way intersection of 4D Highway and the road to Sapa market. 4D Highway connects Sapa to Lai Châu Province. So far the traffic lights have reduced the number of  accidents at the intersection. 

I’m so happy to see the first traffic lights in Sapa. May the town one day have more traffic lights to help people move safely on Sapa’s roads.  

Have a good one. 


An An  

Một suy nghĩ 3 thoughts on “The traffic lights in Sapa”

  1. Dear An An,

    You are truly a great tour guide about Sapa. You can see tiny things and tell us attractive stories. Your stories make me: “Wow, Sapa is special. I have to go to Sapa to look, listen, taste, touch and smell. Wonderful place.”

    Small things in your stories become big things because you make our heart move.

    Thank you, An An.

    Have a nice day.

    C Hương


  2. TH is absolutely correct. An An, you have a knack for seeing the details and make the details come alive. Good to do tours for tourists.

    Key West is a small island and also the southern most city of the US. It has nothing other than the sea around it, the mile post 0, and the house of the late Hemingway (Nobel laureate). But when I sat on the tour bus around Key West, which I had driven on every street hundreds of time (because the city is so tiny, it takes about 10 mnutes to go from one end to the other), I was surprised to see the tour guide made every tree, every flower by the street, come alive with the history of the tree, the scientifc name of the flower, the restaurant owner, the cofee shop’s characteristics…. He had many little stories to tell about many little things and that made the town of nothing come alive and made my bus tour very fascinating.

    Create you own tour for Sapa that way. And keep writing and aim to be a novelist.

    A. Hoành


  3. Dear Anh Hoành, Chị Hương,

    Thanks so much, Anh, Chị, for your words of encouragement. Without your help, I couldn’t have done my work. You guys have inspired me a lot to learn, explore, and write about little things in Sapa.

    I’m happy to make you feel that way, Chị Hương. I hope to meet you in person in Sapa. When you come to here, I’ll take you go everywhere. We’ll visit beautiful places, meet the locals, and try delicious foods in the town.

    Thanks for sharing, Anh Hoành. It’s interesting to know Hemingway had a house in Key West. The tour guide in your story did a great job. I need to learn from him.

    And thanks Anh for your suggestion. I’ve kept it in mind. 

    Have a happy Sunday. 🌻

    Em. An An

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