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500 Greatest Songs of All Times

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(Đừng sợ) thần chết là một bài hát của ban nhạc rock Mỹ Blue Öyster Cult từ album 1976 của nhóm, album Agents of Fortune.

Bài hát được ghita chính của ban nhạc, Donald “Buck Dharma” Roeser, viết và hát, và được David Lucas, Murray Krugman và Sandy Pearlman sản xuất. Lời bài hát đề cập đến tình yêu vĩnh cửu và cái chết không thể tránh khỏi. Dharma đã viết trong khi hình dung một cái chết sớm cho chính mình. Đọc tiếp (Đừng sợ) thần chết

Hỏi và trả lời – tâm không

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Đọc truyện Thiền các bạn thấy các thiền sư nói chuyện với nhau rất ngộ nghĩnh, chẳng ai có thể hiểu được. Kiểu như, Trò: “Gió mát quá”. Thầy: “Chẳng thấy gió”. Trò hốt nhiên đại ngộ.

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Tưởng tượng được bạn đọc: Chàng: Em thấy ngọn núi đó không? Nàng: Anh thật là đáng yêu.

Cái gì? Đọc tiếp Hỏi và trả lời – tâm không

The Kafala system and Vietnam’s domestic workers: Corruption and a Silenced Press

newmandalaANGIE NGOC TRAN – 15 FEB, 2022

While worker grievances about abuses and exploitation since 2015 have fallen on deaf ears with the renewal of a bilateral Vietnam-Saudi Arabia labour pact (2019-2024), a recent announcement from the official state media seems to appease recent bad publicity about labor export. It reveals an entrenched network of financial interests between recruitment companies and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The Security Agency has prosecuted some officials at the Consular Department level for accepting bribes to permit recruitment companies to organise commercial flights to bring overseas workers, who pay upwards of USD $3000 for the one-way flight and quarantine costs, to return to Vietnam. It’s not a coincidence that the corruption exposé happened after waves of social media and the UN special rapporteurs’ letter about human trafficking. Still, numerous worker complaints about Department of Overseas Labour (DOLAB) officials operating in the Vietnamese Embassy in Riyadh continue to fall on deaf ears.

Đọc tiếp The Kafala system and Vietnam’s domestic workers: Corruption and a Silenced Press

The War in Ukraine is transforming the EU

Dave Keating Thursday, March 10, 2022 worldpoliticsreview

The European Union’s 27 leaders are in Versailles today for a summit that could prove to be historic. They are expected to sign the “Versailles Declaration,” intended to formalize the far-reaching but ad hoc policy changes the EU has implemented in response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, which is now entering its third week. The measures under discussion would strengthen the union’s existing military, economic and border control capabilities, while also giving the bloc new powers in those areas that will push it further down the path toward federalism.

The symbolism of the decision to sign the declaration at the Palace of Versailles—where the Versailles Treaty, another pivotal document that proved central to the remaking of Europe after World War I, was signed in 1919—is not lost on anyone. In 1919, Europe’s leaders got it very wrong. Will they get it right this time? It’s very hard to say, since nobody knows what the world that emerges after the war in Ukraine will look like.

Đọc tiếp The War in Ukraine is transforming the EU