“Who am I?”

Saigon corner

Dear brothers and sisters,

I tell you all about a figure that I don’t know who she/he is. 

We have 2 Singapore’s terminalia catappa plants. We love them. They have heights about 1,5m, many leaves, like an below image. However they died after 3 months living with us. We were so sad. We tried to take care of them until their last leaf were gone.

Cây Bàng Singapore - Ý nghĩa phong thủy, cách trồng và chăm sócSingapore’s terminalia catappa – the image is on Internet.

They’re gone, the pots that they lived in are now empty, so we decide to plant Vietnamese terminalia catappa. Because we think that Vietnam’s terminalia catappa will live well with Vietnam weather, we seek their seeds.

Funny. The area we live is so clean that we can’t find any seed around terminalia catappa trees. But we keep seeking. One day, we discover that there are 3 terminalia catappa’s seeds around a Flamboyant tree and a Libidibia ferrea tree. The outer thin “flesh” of the seeds have been eaten. Our friend said, “Perhaps squirrels living on the Flamboyant tree and the Libidibia ferrea tree on this street picked up terminalia catappa’s seeds on those streets, then bringing them back to their home, and ate them.” Wow, I’m happy when knowing that there are squirrels living near us. I really want to visit their kingdom. The viewpoint from their home on tall tree branches to our home is probably wonderful!

So we planted 3 Vietnam’s terminalia catappa’s seeds in a pot. Also that pot, we planted 3 mango seeds and 4 more areca seeds. Areca seeds are gifts from heaven. Because the area where the areca trees stand is so clean that we can’t find any seed. So every time we pick up one areca seed, we always feel we’re so lucky. We picked up 4 times in order to have 4 seeds. Precious seeds.

And now, one seed has sprouted. Wonderful! However we don’t know who she/he is. At first I think it’s a areca seed because color of the oval thing is green, and the oval thing looks like a seed. But after 4 hours, the seed grows a lot, and I see that it’s not a green seed – it looks like a roll of very young green leaves still unopened.

Who am I?

The seed grows so fast, so we will soon know who she is. And now, enjoy the baby plant.

Have a nice day.

Phạm Thu Hương

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