Vietnam extends temporary stay permits for foreigners as Covid-19 continues

 ThoiDai (VUFO) 13:11 | 01/07/2020 Ruby Lee 

Foreigners who entered Vietnam as of March 1 but still stuck due to Covid-19 pandemic’s travel restrictions can have theirs temporary stay permits extended one more month until July 31.

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The move involves a one-month extension to the current policy, issued in mid-May that allowed foreigners entering the country on a tourist visa, e-visa or visa exemption since March 1 to have their stay automatically extended until June 30, vnexpress reported.

1759 visa vietnam 1
British tourist Gavin Wheeldon raises a thumbs-up with two medical staff in his room at Son Tay Military School quarantine camp in Hanoi. Photo: Gavin Wheeldon

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