Extreme flood risk: Potentially disastrous scenario for Ho Chi Minh City


By Jack Board@JackBoardCNA

Extreme flood risk: New report outlines potentially disastrous ...
Ho Chi Minh City faces devastating floods over the coming decades. (Photo: AFP/Kao Nguyen)

17 May 2020 06:01AM(Updated: 17 May 2020 06:10AM)

BANGKOK: The risk of extreme future flooding events in major Vietnamese metropolis Ho Chi Minh City could increase by up to 10 times by 2050, resulting in immense economic and infrastructural damage, according to a new study by an international consulting firm.

Without a concentrated effort to mitigate the worsening impacts of sea-level rise brought about by climate change and to improve urban planning, the city faces billions of dollars of damage on an annual basis, with freak events potentially devastating vast urban areas.Advertisement

The report by McKinsey Global Institute provides a snapshot of flooding in the fast-expanding city by analysing hydrological simulations, land use maps, infrastructure databases and damage curves. The future, without action, will become increasingly difficult to manage, it concludes.

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