Spring all around

VNN Update: February, 14/2018 – 09:00

Phùng Hưng Street in the Old Quarter is filled with Tết cheer.

With Tết (Lunar New Year) fast approaching, decoration plants and flowers are sold on Hà Nội’s streets and flower markets. Wandering round the streets, getting stuck among beautiful flowers is an interesting experience.

Spring is all around in the flowers, plants and people. — VNS Photos Trương Vị

Phùng Hưng pedestrian street is scatered with shops offering tea, snacks and toys.
People of all ages enjoy the paintings and flowers.
Children by a toy shop in the street.
Women pose for photos with a painting of an old scholar in Phùng Hưng Street.
Women pose in front of a painting .
A scholar offers calligraphical letters to passers-by in Phùng Hưng Street.
The Tết flower market extends from Hàng Lược Street to Phùng Hưng Street.
Two women in military uniform in Quảng Bá Flower Market.
Orchids are popular for Tết, as well as peach, ochna and kumquat.
Getting stuck among flowers is an enjoyable experience.
People shop for peach blossoms in Quảng An Street.

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