Prayer 371

The prayer series


Every time I read our history of 2.000 years,
I always admire our forefathers.
I wish I can do great things as our forefathers did.
The youthhood of our forefathers was glorious.

Now I wish our children in the 50th century will be proud of us – the youth of the 21th century,
that we lived with Positive Spirituality.

Yes, we are the first generation in our nation’s history living with Positive Spirituality.

We are the first generation that can develop our country by Positive Spirituality.

Our children throughout 22th – 50th century and forever will be proud of us.
They’ll continue living with Positive Spirituality as we did.
They’ll continue banding together globally to put our nation on the road to greatness as we did.
And they’ll praise you, Jesus, for your Amazing Grace.



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