Prayer 133

The prayer series


When I was a baby,
my dad wished I would have straight legs,
so he always massaged my legs.
Every time he did this, he said,
“Being straight, baby legs!”
Thanks to my dad, I have them.
I love these straight and pretty legs.

When I was a teen girl,
he wished I would have a good posture,
so he often taught me to walk.
He said,
“Put a book on your head and go straight.”
I loved this and did such.
I have it, a good walk.

My dad loves sports.
I copy him, I love sports, too, and practice some.

When I was a yoga and aikido teaching assistant,
I assisted our students in controlling our bodies.
We wanted to understand our bodies.
And an important part of body we need to know is the heart.
So I have been training myself in controlling my heart.
I want to understand myself.

I think I know who I am.
And although I am who I am,
I want to live as Dad lives
and as You live.

Love You, Jesus.



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