Prayer 90

The prayer series


You love us women.

In the time when you were the Jewish preacher,
we were despised but you looked after us.

You healed the crippled woman on the Sabbath (1) and the bleeding woman (2).
You raised from the dead the son of the widow( 3) and the girl of Jairus (4).
You talked with the Samaritan woman and declared first with her that you were the Messiah (5).
You loved Martha and her sister, Mary Magdalene (6), who sat at your feet listening to what you said (7).
You chose Mary Magdalene for the first witness after you had risen from the dead (8).

You love all of us women.
You so much  love the people who are the scum of the earth.

Thank you, Jesus.




(1) Luke 13:10-17
(2) Mark 5:25–34, Matthew 9:20–22, Luke 8:43–48
(3) Luke 7:11-15
(4) Mark 5:41
(5) John 4:4–26
(6) John 11:5
(7) Luke 10:38-39
(8) John 20-14

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