Prayer 38

The prayer series


Would you like to travel by our trains?

I like to travel by trains
for they go slow
so I could enjoy the scenes
and view people around me.

Although I like trains.
I think our railways need change
because they almost haven’t grown for over 100 years.

What would you think about the problem?

I think
our railway authority should turn the state owned enterprise into private enterprises.
Let the private sector help our transport and logistics.

And you know,
China is building One Belt, One Road.
This is China’s great ambition.
China wants to have a bigger role (maybe biggest role) in the world
by building railways and seaways from China to Asia, Europe and Africa.

In Southeast Asia, China is growing railways from Kunning to Singapore.
The railway network has the three routes (see below).
Our country is supposed to be in the Eastern route.

Our leaders probably is thinking about joining or not.
If we join, we probably would be tired all day with China.
If we don’t join, we probably would lost a chance to grow.

Whether we join or not,
I think our railways should have the East – West tracks.
for we only have the North – South railways now.
And we also should grow high-speed railways.

Please help our country grow.
Guide our leaders along your right paths.
And bless others countries.

Thank you, Jesus.



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