Cluster bomb is safely destroyed so construction of a new clan temple in Quang Tri Province can continue

Hai Lang District, Quang Tri Province – 30 October 2015

The O Lau River flows through Hai Lang District in Quang Tri Province.  Along its banks is historic Luong Dien Village, one of the oldest villages in the province. In 1508, people migrating from Tonkin settled in this area and founded a small village named Ke Lang.  Called Luong Phuc in the 18th century, the village was chosen by the Nguyen Lords as the location to be their headquarters and army base for their conquest of the south. Luong Phuc was again renamed as Luong Dien in 1804; two years after Emperor Gia Long – the first king of the Nguyen Dynasty – ascended the throne.

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