Ban on firecrackers violated in Quang Tri

Burning firecrackers has been prohibited since 1990. — VNS Photo Kim Diep

QUANG TRI (VNS) — The police have come across 18 violations of the ban imposed on burning firecrackers in the central Quang Tri Province.

The burning of firecrackers took place in the province’s Lao Bao Township, where the Lao Bao border post is located. The head of the local police unit said the penalty had been imposed in only four of the cases because the violators were children.

Transportation, trading, storage and burning of firecrackers is prohibited in Viet Nam. But in the township, which shares a border with Laos, some firecrackers had been smuggled into the country.

Firecrackers were traditionally burnt by the Vietnamese to welcome Tet (Lunar New Year), but a thorough ban has been imposed since 1990, due to the fatal risks of burning caused by firecrackers.

However, many people across the country have not given up the desire to burn firecrackers even after 24 years, resulting in the violation of the national ban. — VNS

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