Flower Road to be opened today

HCM CITY (VNS) – The Flower Road in HCM City’s Ham Nghi Street will be opened to the public at 7pm today. Workers are putting the finishing touches to perfect the flower arrangements, while young people and children pose beside the beautiful flowers. The flower show will run till February 22, the fourth day of the year of the goat. Viet Nam News photographer Van Dat presents different images of the Flower Road, as seen through his lens.

The Flower Road is ready to receive visitors.

2015 is the Year of Goat.
A man worker checks watering machine
A female workers waters the daisy to make sure they are fresh through the festival.
Flowers are arranged into different shapes.
Orchids are used less than the daisy.
Yellow daisy are popular flowers during Tet occasion.
The colourful flowers attracts even small children.
Fruits are also used to decorate the Flower Road.
Girls enjoy the Flower Road.


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