A story about Mount Hàm Rồng


Sapa corner


Dear Brothers and Sisters, 

How are you? Do you like dragons?

Today, I’d love to share with you a story about a mountain located right in Sapa downtown. The mountain  reaches 1850m above sea level. People call this mountain “Hàm Rồng” as its peak looks like a dragon’s jaw. 

It’s said that, once upon a time, there were two dragon brothers living in heaven. On a beautiful day, they flew down to the earth. These two dragons immediately fell in love with the charming scenery of earth. 

When they were traveling around the land, their father in heaven got angry for no reason. He suddenly closed the heaven gate. The big dragon brother ran faster, so he could return to heaven, while the young brother ran slower, and became stuck on earth. After a time, the dragon transformed into a big stone. 

Nowadays, the locals in Sapa tell this story to explain the form of Mount Hàm Rồng. Though I’ve heard this story many times, I still enjoy it. 

Sharing with you all.

Have a beautiful day. 


An An 

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