Sapa weather in March

Sapa corner

Dear Brothers and Sisters, 

How’s it going? Do you like the weather in March?

I’m fond of Sapa’s March weather. It is so pleasant with mild temperature and fresh air. 

In the morning, the sky is usually misty and cloudy. Often, we might think it would be a foggy day, yet at noon the sun comes out with warm beams. Everything looks so vibrant under the sunlight. After about 6 hours of sun, we often have the chance to contemplate the sunset with gorgeous orange rays in the late afternoon. 

When the sun goes down, it’s also the time for the fog to go through the mountains and cover the town. At night, it gets a bit colder. Sometimes, when the night sky is clear, we can see many stars twinkle in the dark.

Sapa’s March weather is constantly in flux. It’s such a joy to watch and admire the changing parade. l really enjoy this kind of weather. 

Wishing you a good day. 


An An 

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