Sâu Chua village

Sapa corner

Dear Brothers and Sisters, 

How’s it going? What is your favorite place where you live?

One of my favorite places in Sapa is Sâu Chua. This is a small village 10km away from Sapa. The village is still a lesser-known destination for many people. 

The road to Sâu Chua is narrow and sloping. This tranquil village is home to the Hmong people. They live in wooden houses, do farm work, feed animals, and plant vegetables for a living. Their life still faces many difficulties, but they are so affable and always smile. 

Perhaps Sâu Chua is the only place in Sapa that still has peach and plum gardens. It’s such a wonderful experience for me to visit the village in the spring and get lost in the gardens of peach flowers and plum flowers in full bloom. 

Sâu Chua has won my heart with its wild beauty. I’ll definitely come back to this charming village to explore new things in the near future.  

Wishing you a beautiful day. 


An An 

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