The Tet market in Sapa

Sapa corner

Dear Brothers and Sisters, 

How are you doing today? Have you done your Tet shopping yet?

These days, Sapa market is the best place to feel the cheerful and bustling atmosphere of Tet in Sapa.  

Like other Tet markets, Sapa market is where people can sell and buy essential things for the Lunar New Year. From kumquats, peach blossoms, and wild orchids to many kinds of fresh vegetables, fruits, and meats, we can find almost everything in the market.

The thing I like most about Sapa market is the variety of goods from different cultures. Each ethnic group in Sapa has their own products for sale. For example, the Black Hmong people often sell plants, indigo clothing, and handcrafted knives. The Red Dao people sell ginger and bamboo shoots. The Giay people have black Chung cakes and cloth to trade. This feature makes Sapa market really colourful and original during the festive season. 

After wandering around Sapa market, I purchased enough things for a simple Tet.  

Wishing you and your loved ones a peaceful New Year. Stay safe and healthy during the Tet holidays.

Best wishes, 

An An  

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