How can Mekong Delta fly high if no one gives it wings?

By Nguyen Trong Binh   February 22, 2021 | 07:51 am GMT+7 vnexpress

On the morning of May 21, 2000, I woke up to a scene I had never witnessed before.

Nguyen Trong Binh
Những hình ảnh tuyệt đẹp về mưu sinh mùa nước nổi ở miền Tây - Báo Người  lao động

An endless stream of people driving motorbikes and cars from various provinces in the Mekong Delta like Hau Giang, Soc Trang, Bac Lieu, Ca Mau, and An Giang flooded the roads near my sister’s house in Vinh Long Province: They had come to see the inauguration of the My Thuan Bridge.

I was one of them.

Excited at the prospect of seeing the country’s first cable-stayed bridge, one that spans the Tien River, a major branch of the Mekong, to link Vinh Long and Tien Giang, I had gone to my sister’s house, eight kilometers from the bridge, the previous day, and got up early the next day for the inauguration.

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