Good follower

Dear brothers and sisters,

How to become a good follower?

Communicate with your leader.

What does that mean?

It means:

1. Never make your leader feel shocked or surprised because of your acts. Before you do something, although that is a tiny thing, consult your leader. And when your leader has decided, follow your leader and do your best.

2. Share with your leader all things you think and do. However, don’t ask your leader to share all things your leader think and do –  it is his/her discretion on what you should know and what is better for you not to know yet.

3. Be faithful to your leader.

  • Serve your leader with all your heart.
  • If someone talks badly about your leader, or talking about private life of your leader, protect your leader or be silent.
  • If you and your leader don’t work together anymore, don’t talk about wrong things of your leader. Be silent.

Many people want to become a good leader. Great. However if you don’t know how to become a good follower, you never can become a good leader.

So the important thing is to become a good follower.

And to become a good follower, communicate, communicate and communicate with your leader.

Have a good day.

Phạm Thu Hương

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