Prayer 650

The prayer series


I want to go to some place
where there is no need to spend money,
and one can dress comfortably,
feel safe,
be quiet,
have unlimited time,
read a book,
watch the trees,
watch people,
take a walk,…

Where is that?

I don’t know where we go
but I keep going.

Today is beautiful.

This place?

The first time I’m here.

Many casuarina trees.
Many park benches.
Oh, statue of Mary holding Jesus.

Let’s pray.

The smell of incense sticks is so aromatic.

Let’s sit down on a bench in front of Mary.
There are many benches in front of her.
Benches among casuarina trees.
Also there are some tiny paths among casuarina trees.

So romantic and so holy.

Let’s read a book…
and watch people…
and pray…
and walk…

There are some words here.
Oh, this is a park.
The park belongs to both the city and the church standing by it,

Wonderful place.
Wonderful time.
I’m very satisfied

You love me so much.

I love you, Jesus.




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