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Hong Kong’s Violence Will Get Worse

Police brutality has pushed protesters to extremes.

Police fire tear gas to disperse protesters in Hong Kong

Police fire tear gas to disperse protesters in the Causeway Bay area of Hong Kong on Nov. 11. ANTHONY WALLACE/AFP VIA GETTY IMAGES

Hong Kong’s protests have seen their first death, and there will be more to come. After months of demonstrations over Beijing’s growing influence tore the city apart, a protester who fell several stories under dubious circumstances died on Friday, while another is fighting for his life after being shot at close range by police on Monday while unarmed. Another man, meanwhile, was set on fire by protesters for shouting pro-Beijing slogans and is in critical condition. Mass tear gassings of Central, Hong Kong’s business district, caused many professionals to stay home, while clashes between police and protesters—previously mostly restricted to weekends—raged through the city on a Monday morning following an attempt to declare a general strike.

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