CFR – The World This Week, November 18, 2022

The World This Week will not be sent next week due to the holiday.
Explore the Biden-Xi Meeting David Sacks
U.S. President Joe Biden and Chinese leader Xi Jinping meet on the sidelines of the Group of Twenty summit in Bali, Indonesia. Kevin Lamarque/ReutersThe meeting between U.S. President Joe Biden and Chinese leader Xi Jinping did not resolve major disagreements, but it could start the process of building guardrails to prevent competition from turning into conflict. Read more on Asia Unbound
Can Cooperation Make a Comeback at the G20?
Group of Twenty (G20) leaders are meeting in Bali, but divisions over trade, climate change, and the war in Ukraine threaten to overshadow the summit. What does the G20 do? Get the background
Germany’s China Policy Liana Fix
The German economy remains heavily reliant on China, its largest trading partner, despite mounting geopolitical tensions between the West and Beijing. Get the quick take
What Climate Change Means for the Sahel
In this episode of The President’s InboxBeza Tesfaye, director of research and learning for migration and climate change at Mercy Corps, sits down with James M. Lindsay to discuss the impact of climate change in the Sahel region. Listen
The Great Climate Justice Blackmail Ebenezer Obadare
Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari has shifted from asking Western governments to back the transition from hydrocarbons to renewable energy in Africa, to holding them responsible for the continent’s economic stagnation. Read more on Africa in Transition
Reflections on the ASEAN Summit Joshua Kurlantzick
President Biden’s attendance at the summit in Cambodia marks an important development in the U.S.-ASEAN relationship, but the Association of Southeast Asian Nations continues to prove ineffective in addressing the region’s most pressing issues. Read more on Asia Unbound
Progress Toward Peace for Ethiopia’s Tigray Conflict
Michelle GavinWhile the Nairobi agreement offers hope for a resolution to Ethiopia’s Tigray conflict, uncertainties remain, and the damage done will reshape U.S.-Ethiopia relations. Read more on Africa in Transition
 Inside CFR
Panelists discuss the coordination of North Korea policy under the U.S.-South Korea alliance. Watch the discussion
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