Rainy days

Sapa corner


Dear Brothers and Sisters, 

How are you? Do you like rainy days?

February has come, and Sapa has welcomed this new month with rain. Rainy days might affect our mood. However, they also give us many things to feel.  

Thanks to rainy days, I can stay at home and get cozy inside. I really love to see beautiful pearls of rain and dewdrops on the weeds and the three-leaf clovers on our balcony. Raindrops and dewdrops are truly natural gems. 

Rainy days are relaxing days in Sapa. The town is clean and peaceful after the rain. People tend to do indoor activities instead of going out in the foggy and rainy weather. 

Rainy days are also the time for us to live slower, and to listen to the rhythm of the rain. 

Do you agree that we have many reasons to be in a good mood on rainy days?

Have a fresh day. 


An An

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