Prayer 621

The prayer series


a flock of small birds.

One, two, three, four, five, six, seven.
Seven small birds.

What are they doing?

Oh, they’re eating.
A plate of rice is near them.

They eat and dance.
Funny dances.
So cute.

Two birds in them can be a couple.
One is sitting on the ground.
One is standing by.

A thin dog comes.
He eats rice in the plate.
The birds fly away
but the couple do not.

Perhaps the sitting bird is ill.
She is so tired that she can’t fly.
So her boy friend stands by her
even when the dog comes.

A brave and romantic love story, Jesus?

The dog is gentle.
He eats then he goes away.
The bird flock fly back.
They eat and dance again.
Funny dances.
So cute.

Amazing day.
I love you, Jesus.



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