Prayer 612

The prayer series


I have to meet my friends.
Please keep me calm.
Continue keeping me as a channel of your peace.
Wishing me show your peace to all people.

I’m not feeling good in meeting my friends.
I know
in my friends’ eyes, I’m a weirdo.
I don’t look like everyone.

Everyone around me calls me a person without future,
a loser, a fool, a useless person,
a person without filial piety…
during many decades.

When I was a kid,
I learned by myself that
explanation was meaningless.
So I have said nothing about myself.
I have kept silent.
Everyone around me has known nothing about me.
So they have believed I’m a person…


Everything will be okay, right?

Sharing with you always makes me better.

Tonight we continue learning English together?

I love you, Jesus.



Một suy nghĩ 4 thoughts on “Prayer 612”

  1. Thu Huong, you’re so blessed. You are full aware that Jesus is with you all the time, know you well and love you as you are. He fulfills your life and gives you his peace. He also guides you for the road that you go.

    Surely, it is never a matter what anyone thinks or talks about you as long as you well know who you are, what you do and what you live for. You are really an amazing and blessed girl I have ever known. 🙂

    Đã thích bởi 3 người

  2. Em nhờ gió gửi lời cầu nguyện bình an đến chị nha chị Hương 😃.
    Dù chưa được gặp chị ở ngoài đời nhưng qua những bài chị viết trên vườn chuối, em chỉ muốn nói là em rất yêu quý chị à.
    Em cảm ơn, cảm phục vì chị đã bỏ ra nhiều công sức để viết, chia sẻ trên vườn chuối – điều mang lại cho mọi người sự bình an, ấm áp mỗi khi vào trang web.
    Em Linh.

    Đã thích bởi 1 người

  3. I just want to meet you, give you a hug!
    They don’t know how precious you are, a charm of this life.
    A pure heart in this time who can hear what Buddha, Jesus says.
    I know what normal life is, I’m deeply in that, it’s not so much to proud about.
    People just so attached to that and think the normal way.
    Without pure spirit, it just causes more damage than good.
    No, you don’t miss anything from this “real life future”, you have all future and past and all-time all present at once in a pure heart, with Jesus.
    This green garden appreciates you so much and makes you happy, I know you love your work.
    But I still want you to have more, so I’m praying you can see people around you understanding you more and give you hugs.
    Like I’d love to.
    c. H

    Đã thích bởi 1 người

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