Blind teacher wins top scholarship for social work

VietNamNet Bridge – Huynh Huu Canh and his cousin were digging up an iron object one day when a bomb left over from the war exploded, killing his cousin and leaving Canh, then in the fourth grade, blind.

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Huynh Huu Canh, who has won a scholarship to study for a master’s degree, attends the Australia Awards Scholarships ceremony in HCM City with his wife and sister in early December. – VNS Photo Gia Loc

“That time was horrible. I fell into a depression,” Canh said, adding that he could no longer see a sunset, farmland or colours.

He became isolated in his home and his parents did not know what to do, thinking he would become a lottery ticket seller.

In early December, he was one of 52 Vietnamese who were granted an Australia Awards Scholarship, which is part of a programme funded by the Australian Government, offering the next generation of global leaders an opportunity to undertake study, research and professional development.
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