The power of super projects: Tuan Chau’s proposals

 vietnamnet Last update 14:00 | 16/04/2017

VietNamNet Bridge – Tuan Chau Island “King” Dao Hong Tuyen has caused quite a stir by suggesting a series of mammoth real estate projects in HCMC with total investment capital of VND65 trillion. 
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Tuyen has suggested building a tourism resort complex – Sai Gon Marina City – in Can Gio beach with the total area of 1,430 hectares.

This would include a yacht port to connect to Singapore, Hong Kong and Thailand; ferry line and speedboat to connect to Can Gio and Vung Tau; high-speed and yachts to connect to HCMC with neighboring areas; and resorts, ecological urban areas and a seafood town.

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