Prayer 19

The prayer series


What do you think about One Belt, One Road?

This is China’s great ambition.
China wants to have a bigger role (maybe biggest role) in the world
by building railways and seaways from China to Asia, Europe and Africa.

Our media say that we shouldn’t join in
for China is untrustworthy
throughout thousands of years.
And joining will make us dependent on China more,
especially when the East Sea issues are still hot.

The press sound reasonable to me,
but I think the press should have more information
so that the readers may know what happens
and where VN is in the rotation of the world.

I also think that I should study this issue.

The China issue is an important issue for us.
Please help our country.
Help our leaders.
Help us make the right choices.
Show our leaders the ways that you want them to go.
Tell them what they should do.
And bless China and its people.

Thank you, Jesus.



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