Sexual health in East Asia: it’s a matter of life and death

Pregnant women attend lectures on family planning in a local government health centre in Navotas, Metro Manila March 3, 2011. Lawmakers in the lower house of Philippine Congress will begin debate on the proposed reproductive health measure, promoting use of contraceptives, including condoms, but the conservative Roman Catholic bishops are expected to oppose the bill, local media reported.
Every year, close to 13,000 women die of causes related to pregnancy and childbirth in the ASEAN region Image: REUTERS/Erik de Castro

Written by Yoriko Yasukawa – Regional Director for Asia and the Pacific, United Nations Population Fund

WF – Published Monday 30 May 2016

As a Japanese citizen, I read with great interest the speech US President Barack Obama gave during his recent historic visit to Hiroshima, and one sentence struck me like no other: “Those who died, they are like us.”

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