The Cactus miracle

I love cactus flowers, of all kinds. They are simply elegant. I’ve been fascinated by cactus flowers since I was a kid. I love watching documentaries about plantations on the desert.

I also used to grow cactus plant at home. This is a picture of my cactus, in 2009.

I started growing this cactus plant since I was 8 years old, 1994. I received it as a branch of a big cactus plant from my parents’ friend, hoping that the little cactus would bloom some days.

Since then, I waited for its bloom. Ten more years later, still, no flower came to life. I simply thought, it was not the cactus species that could produce flower. Back then I didn’t know the fact that some cactus don’t produce flower, or some can give flower only once in their lifetime then die.

The day I took that picture, forgetting about the flower, I realized how amazing it was, the 15-year journey that the cactus plant had been with me. From time to time, this cactus plant almost couldn’t survive because of disease, of too much water, or too dry… Even when my family moved to a new house, I (we) somehow managed to keep this cactus. It had been changed from pot to pot, and still stayed on our balcony.  

Time went by, I forgot my wish of growing cactus follower by my own. My cactus eventually (maybe) reached its lifespan and died without giving any flower. I don’t know when exactly it vanished.

But, I still had other descendent cactus born from that same cactus plant. What I did was that I took some baby cactuses and put them in separate pots when the mother cactus produced the baby ones.

Growing up, I’ve been away from home, in and out, busy with my life, and not having any more cactus plant.

But, there was a time in the year 2012, I stayed home for several months and had a chance to notice the plants at home that I had forgotten. One day, I realized that I still had my little cactus friends around. One of them was this one.

After a rainy day, the moment I saw a cactus flower bud on the balcony, I could hardly believe it.  “Wow, this is a miracle. The cactus flower is blooming, unbelievable!”

So, it took 18 years! My wish, of an 8-year old, finally came true: Having a cactus flower, transferred from a mother to a baby cactus.

I then put more soil to support the cactus, brought the plant inside, and enjoyed the flower blooming slowly and beautifully, for a few weeks.

Today, I found my little cactus friend again when I was scanning through my family photo folder.

Thank you my little cactus, I learn so much from you. I humbly see the true beauty nature in you. You never die. You are the true nature of the Buddhahood.



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