Prayer 1

The prayer series


Where are you?
Do you hear me?
I need you so much.

Please come to me.
Stand by me.
Hold my hand.

Let me know that you are here.
Let me hear your voice.
Let me feel your love.

Please give me a sign so that I understand that you are here and you are listening to me.

Please open my eyes so that I can see that sign.
Open my ears so that I can hear you.
Open my heart so that I can feel your love.

I need you so much.

I love you, Jesus.



Một suy nghĩ 4 thoughts on “Prayer 1”

  1. This picture in this prayer is so beautiful.
    Thu Hương, after doing stupid things, I felt regret and told Jesus to forgive me. I could feel he comforted me.
    However, I still did another crazy things and I, again, told him to forgive me. And he did.
    I just came to Jesus whenever I met trouble and needed to be comforted or when I needed to be forgiven.
    Mr Hoành, once, told me that I should forget all my sins and be happy when I am with Jesus. He will completely be happy when seeing his litter daughter happy.
    Now, I see this picture in your prayer – a happy little daughter holding Jesus’s arm. Both are so happy.
    Thank you for your picture and meaningful prayer.
    Have a nice day, Hương nhé 🙂

    Đã thích bởi 2 người

  2. Yes, Thu Hương.
    I know that I am a little daughter of Jesus. He loves me and he wants me to be happy. If I am happy, he is happy too 🙂
    So, he lets me know you, anh Hoành and many brothers and sisters in Dot chuoi non. He always knows what I need.
    And Thu Hương, by your prayer series, you show me the way to reconnect with him. It is by praying.
    Have a nice day, Hương nhé 🙂


  3. Many thanks, Nhàn ơi.

    I always want to tell you that, your comments are special to me.

    I often remember your comment in my story about a jasmine flower two years ago. The comment touched my heart. And I am always grateful to you for it.

    Have a nice day, Nhàn nhé.

    Đã thích bởi 1 người

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