The Love I believe in

After watching a teenage love movie, a piece of thought poured out of my mind.

Let me first tell you what the movie was all about.

It was a gentle love story, starting with a typical motif of high-school life. A girl who was always at the top of best students in school, and a boy who had never gone far beyond his mediocre scores, were in the same class.

They came to know more about each other through an inconvenient circumstance that made them almost hate each other. The girl often told the boy that he never tried his best to achieve a better score or to be better in anything. The boy was carefree. He seriously didn’t understand why the girl had to study hard just for good scores. And they kept on fighting over that issue.

It was not that simple, as you might guess. Reaching the end of high school, they eventually felt for each other. They liked each other in fact. The girl was hoping for that moment…

Came the college, the couple’s feelings somehow grew stronger. They met and talked mostly every week though not studying in the same school anymore. But they never had an official dating as lovers; they remained friends.

Years gone by and still, the boy let the girl wait with hope, with little joy and tears at times. The boy didn’t catch a single chance to hold tight his girl’s hand. He couldn’t even swallow a bit of his pride to dry her tears when they fought over certain silly matters. Just like “you don’t understand what it truly means for me. Or it hurts my feelings…you don’t understand…” from both sides.

Inside, they surely felt for each other but outside they were too clumsy to express their love. The boy was not at all a kind of shy guy, he just never found the right time to confess his love to the girl.

Time passed by, and…the day must come. That very day came when the boy first attempted to kiss the beautiful bride, the girl he always loved, at her wedding with…another gentleman.

That how the story ended. Happy ending. There was no heart-breaking moment though. The couple regretted nothing.

A flashback to my teenhood. Recalling my school time, I laughed along while watching the movie. I was the kind of girl, in high school, who did slap a close friend, who was a boy, for his stupid behavior toward other girls. In college, I studied and worked in the environment surrounded mostly by boys. (Nonetheless, most of my close friends are girls). Back then, I probably didn’t have much sensitivity to distinguish the interesting psychological differences between boys and girls, unlike my friends who had some practical experiences in a relationship.

Maybe, either I didn’t give the boys enough opportunities to confess or they didn’t have the guts to confess that they liked me 😀 . That how it was. I didn’t have a particular reason for the situation.

Until now, about relationship matters, I often joke seriously with some of my friends, Am I a kind of retarded adolescence? Am I still trapped in the awkward stage of my teenhood? Some friends don’t even mind guffawing at me saying, “Yes, probably you are.”

Oh well, I don’t have a particular reason for my “retardation” either. The good thing is I have gained more experiences and sensitivity over time

Sometimes the situation was that I confessed my feelings then we remained good friends. Another time, we could somehow sense that we felt for each other, a pure emotional feeling, but we didn’t go beyond friendship. Or sometimes, I felt it would lead to nothing because we were too far away geographically.

I don’t regret any of the pure feelings have I ever gone through. I feel like, those “love affairs” have given me healthy feelings as a right amount of seasoning added to my heart’s parties. The emotion is somewhat joyful, as an extra repertoire for my life’s performance, but doesn’t turn to a deep sorrow as a play depicting a painful heartbreaking situation.

For all those of my “love affairs”, I call them “incomplete”.

Funny enough, I came across this Vietnamese song titled: A love story is beautiful when it is incomplete (Tình đẹp khi tình còn dang dở). Honestly, I find the song kind of cheesy 😀 . Yet, I agree with the song’s title “A love story is beautiful when it is incomplete”. That’s true.

You might ask, how about a complete love story?

I want to tell you I also believe in a complete love story and that a love story is beautiful at its best when it is complete.

That is – the Love when a truly in-love couple are brave enough, foolish enough, crazy enough to hand in hand embark on a lifelong journey to complete each other.

I, too, believe in another complete love story. That is an everlasting relationship, which demands utmost bravery from my side – the Love relationship with the Lord.

In this relationship, if I am to give my entire life to the Lord, He will take my hands and lead my life’s journey. If I am humble enough to completely abandon my ego, I then will be completed eternally by His love.

Đào Thu Hằng

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