A sudden blunt moment

There are days I encounter some incidence that I need to decide to put aside all my pride and my shame to actually write it down to share…

It was late Friday afternoon, the time when everyone longed for a nice sunny weekend on the beach after a tiring week. But it was not my privilege this weekend.

I was so occupied with an ongoing project, trying to get good results out of the simulation which already took me much time to fight with. I decided I had to work on it over the weekend.

Before leaving the office, I made sure the remote computer was well-connected so that I was able to access it from home.

Heading home, walking down to the metro, it was still 3 minutes for the next metro to come. While waiting for the metro, there was one guy catching my attention. The only first impression on me was that he was young and… honestly quite overweight. I meant, quite fat but not too much overweight (but still cute). He was busy talking on his phone. That was all the impression I had. I had never seen him before.

Nothing else of him got my particular attention. It was, maybe, partly because my mind was fully occupied by something else, someone else and a lot of things else.

Anyway, just couple of stations then I got home. Getting out of the metro station, I quickly stopped at a store next to the metro, but did not intend to get anything from the store.

When I was about to walk straight home, surprisingly enough, it was exactly that guy who I had seen on the metro stopped me:

“Do you have a minute?” He asked.

I actually quickly thought that he wanted to conduct a survey or things like that as usual as strange people I met on the street. I was nodding my head meaning “Ok, that’s fine what do you need from me then?” but I did not have chance to say anything before he started sounding very confident:

“Uhmm, this is… I find you very cute and interesting. Can I get your number?”

For a second, I looked at him and said “No!” bluntly.

It did not even take me to the third second for that “No”.

Leaving me in surprise, looking down he immediately walked away without saying any other words.

Few moment after that, I turned my head following his steps. It turned out that he was living in my neighborhood since I saw him take the key, entering the building right next to the metro station (I guess, there he is living).

Oh my God! After that very moment, I patted myself on my head, laughing at myself.

“OMG, what you just did? You could have said something a little bit nicer to him,” at least like “That’s very nice of you, thank you, but No” or something like that blah blah.

I was laughing seriously at my rudeness.

I did feel a little bit guilty for that blunt moment I gave him. Back at home, I tried to convince myself that my rudeness was not my fault. Poor him, it was just not the right time, to the right person. I hope he would not lock himself for another chance with others and did not feel too bad about himself (or about me :D). I did think he was actually cute 😀

Well, even the answer would be still No, if ever I had chance to see him again around, I would love to give him a big smile, a sincere thanks with the kudos for such a brave attempt with much confidence, which a thousand times more I could hardly make for such a face to face.

(Or maybe, I might even give him a sincere encouragement not to give up in any case, challenging himself for another attempt, not with me, but just to get to know and have more friends.

Don’t you agree that no challenging no rewarding, no pain no gain? We never know what would turn out until we dare to try 😉 )

I hope he now knows that he cannot ask for the phone number of a girl who doesn’t yet know him at all. That kind of question simply scares any girl away.

Thu Hằng

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