Teaching Positive Thinking

Written by Trần Đình Hoành

Translated by Hồ Kính Đạt

Perhaps you have been a regular reader of the theme “positive thinking”, but have you ever played the part of a teacher on this topic? Did it ever occur to you that the best way to learn is to teach others?

When I was young I used to help my classmates by explaining to them again the concepts they were having a trouble understanding, and I would usually do that should any friend need help. There were times when I wasn’t entirely clear about the things I learned, but it was my responsibility to master the concepts in order to explain to my friends that obliged me to review the lessons, which in turn gave me a better grasp of them. The best way to learn is to teach, the best way to be a student is to be a teacher.

It’s child’s play to explain to someone about half a glass, determination, patience, about channeling thoughts and energy into achieving one’s goal … about loving oneself, loving others, honesty, humility … about the law of attraction … about anger management, getting over depression, eschewal of pomposity, cultivation of fearlessness … and tranquility of the soul …

Of course you shouldn’t teach others concepts you don’t even practice yourself, because this is sheer deception. (However, there are many courses on “positive thinking” that are nothing short of a scam circulating on the market, especially in the United States. All “the teacher” needs to do is to go through the lessons in advance and repeat them in class even though he himself never put his teaching into practice. I used to be a student of such classes. Judging from the lecturing style and body language of the speaker, it was quite easy for me to assert that he was hired by the company to review and then robotically recite the materials, rather than share from his own experience.)

One point worth noting is that there are a lot of people who from birth to death are not given any lessons on how to cultivate a positive outlook on life.

We tend to commiserate with those who have since childhood been deprived of the opportunity to learn to read and write, learn mathematics or literature, etc., but do we pity those who didn’t have a chance to learn how to think positively, those who leave it to anything else but themselves to dictate the kind of people they become? There’s a myriad of people out there who are convinced that character is something immutable, but unaware that the mind and way of thinking can be trained in order for us to grow to be more perceptive, shrewder and stronger. It is sad and pitiful that such a delusion in one way or another influences the progress of any given nation and the advancement of mankind.

Hence, we as learners of positive thinking should strive to promulgate it to as many people as we can, because not only is it love by means of actions, it’s also a solicitous help for life through actions.

To summarize, below are a few important points that we should pay attention to:

  1. Teaching is the best way to learn.
  2. You don’t need to be a real teacher to teach. A sophomore is adequately well-equipped to teach a freshman, or if your friend and you are both freshmen, you can be the teacher if you’re quicker on the uptake.
  3. In order to teach others a theory, you need to also put it to practice yourself. Do not lie!
  4. There’s a myriad of people out there who’re deprived of the chance to learn “positive thinking”, enlighten them!

Have fun being a teacher!



Một suy nghĩ 3 thoughts on “Teaching Positive Thinking”

  1. Thank you Huyền Vân for taking care of “The English Page” and Hồ Kính Đạt for translating.

    I haven’t got enough time to read it carefully. Just glanced quickly over the translation. Looks good. Will read more careful when I have time.

    Please continue to get the Page going.

    Everyone, let’s chip in with The English Page, with Huyền Vân et al.

    Great day!

    Số lượt thích

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