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Anti-Land Grab Regulations

Global Witness

Land grabs are closer than you think. Holes in international law mean we have very little way of ensuring that our supply chains and savings don’t link us to land that has been illegally or violently taken.

Land grabbing crises in Asia and Africa are closer than you think. We’re occasionally made aware of this – of how Coca Cola’s sugar was linked to land seizures and human rights violations or how European banks and pension funds are financing Wilmar – the world’s biggest palm oil company – to grab land in Uganda, for example. But more often than not we are oblivious to the social and environmental footprint of our everyday life choices.

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Hostile takeover

Report / July 7, 2016

Global Witness

How Cambodia’s ruling family are pulling the strings on the economy and amassing vast personal fortunes with extreme consequences for the population.

Few prime ministers have served for as long as Cambodia’s Hun Sen, in power for 30 years. Even when democratically voted out he has refused to step down, and has systematically quashed political opposition including through the murder, torture and arbitrary imprisonment of his critics.

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The Speech of Peter

Hi everyone,

Below are Acts 2 and my writing about Acts 2.

Acts is the fifth book of the New Testament, after the four Gospels. Acts tells things that apostles of Jesus Christ did after Jesus was executed.  Acts 2 means Chapter 2 of Acts.

I focus on 3 things in Acts 2 (which are also 3 things in Peter’s speech). Peter – Saint Peter – was one of the twelve apostles of Jesus Christ. He was also the “Apostle of the Apostles”.

Đọc tiếp The Speech of Peter

Company executives could now be tried for land grabs and environmental destruction

Global Witness  Press release / Sept. 15, 2016

Today’s announcement in The Hague is critical first step in crackdown on violence and theft in global trade in land and natural resources

A move by the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court to expand its focus signals a landmark shift in international criminal justice and could reshape how business is done in developing countries, says Global Witness. Company executives, politicians and other individuals could now be held criminally responsible under international law for crimes linked to land grabbing and environmental destruction.

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Uighur Extremists Joining ISIS Poses a Security and Economic Headache for China’s Xi Jinping

Time.com 4:40 AM ET

STR/AFP/Getty Images An antiterrorism force including public-security police and the armed police attend an antiterrorism joint exercise in Hami, northwest China’s Xinjiang region, on July 2, 2013

Insecurity in China’s far Western province of Xinjiang throws up obstacles for Xi’s signature “One Belt, One Road” initiative

On Tuesday, Chinese President Xi Jinping visited a mosque in China’s western Ningxia province. The leader of the officially atheist Chinese Communist Party (CCP) praised the local Muslim community’s rich cultural contribution and efforts alleviating poverty. “Religions in our country, the endemic ones and those from abroad, have become deeply embedded in the Chinese civilization, whose history covers more than 5,000 years,” Xi said in Ningxia’s capital Yinchuan, reports the state-backed China Daily newspaper.

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One Belt, One Road: an economic roadmap

The Economist Intelligence Unit

One Belt, One Road – business opportunities from China’s investment strategy

The One Belt, One Road (OBOR) initiative creates significant opportunities for organisations to participate in a range of projects, especially those involved in the infrastructure, construction, heavy equipment, energy, water and related industries.  Our report, One Belt, One Road: an economic roadmap attempts to make sense of this programme, addressing the opportunities and challenges presented by this important global development policy.

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CSIS – Southeast Asia Sit-Rep – September 22, 2016

CSIS Southeast Asia SIT-REP

This issue brings you insight into the role of diplomacy and security in U.S. policy following the arbitral tribunal ruling on the South China Sea, an overview of Cambodia’s deteriorating political situation, analysis on the challenges in Myanmar’s peace process awaiting Aung San Suu Kyi, discussions with Philippine foreign secretary Perfecto Yasay and Japanese defense minister Tomomi Inada, and much more. Links will take you to the full publications, multimedia, or to registration for upcoming programs when available. To jump to a section, select one of the following:

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Solving Asia’s water crisis

[Magazine exclusive] Too much, too little, too dirty – when it comes to water, Asia faces complex problems that require governments, multilateral organisations and the corporate sector to work together to solve.

water crisis

Governments in Asia haven’t quite started on addressing the complex water issues in their countries. Indeed, the Asian Development Bank says that the issue is actually one of poor governance. Image: Shutterstock

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Illicit Financial Flows from Developing Countries: 2004-2013

By Dev Kar, Joseph Spanjers, December 8, 2015 Global Financial Integrity

This December 2015 report from Global Financial Integrity, “Illicit Financial Flows from Developing Countries: 2004-2013,” finds that developing and emerging economies lost US$7.8 trillion in illicit financial flows from 2004 through 2013, with illicit outflows increasing at an average rate of 6.5 percent per year—nearly twice as fast as global GDP.


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Beyond Propaganda – Authoritarian regimes are learning to engineer human souls in the age of Facebook.

Beyond Propaganda

This essay is adapted from the first in a series of publications by the Legatum Institute’s Transitions Forum on the politics of information in the 21st century.

Pity the poor propagandist! Back in the 20th century it was a lot easier to control an authoritarian country’s hearts and minds. All domestic media could be directed out of a government office. Foreign media could be jammed. Borders were sealed, and your population couldn’t witness the successes of a rival system. You had a clear narrative with at least a theoretically enticing vision of social justice or national superiority, one strong enough to fend off the seductions of liberal democracy and capitalism. Anyone who disagreed could be isolated, silenced, and suppressed.

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The Love I believe in

After watching a teenage love movie, a piece of thought poured out of my mind.

Let me first tell you what the movie was all about.

It was a gentle love story, starting with a typical motif of high-school life. A girl who was always at the top of best students in school, and a boy who had never gone far beyond his mediocre scores, were in the same class. Đọc tiếp The Love I believe in

Vietnam Starts 120-Megawatt Wind Farm in Central Highlands

March 13, 2015 — 6:44 AM WET

bloomberg_Vietnam began constructing a 120-megawatt wind farm with a total investment of 6 trillion dong ($281 million) in the Central Highlands province of Dak Lak.

HBRE Wind Power Solution Co. will build the project in three phases through 2020, Chairman Ho Ta Tin said on Friday. The Ho Chi Minh City-based company is expected to be able to produce 400 million kilowatt-hour a year, equal to the demand of 200,000 households.

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Why I put 400 condoms in the kitchen drawer for my sons

As a youth worker, Amy Barwise is used to dealing with pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections, but after a week of revelations at home and work she decided safer was better than sorry

The doctor told me that teens are most likely to have sex after school before their parents get home from work. Photograph: Graeme Robertson for the Guardian

theguardian – An hour before the kids get home from school on Friday, I check the kitchen drawer where I’ve left about 400 condoms for the boys. It’s virtually empty. Clearly it’s been a busy week on the sexual front in my small house. Nothing to do with me and I’ve been in all week, so I know there’s been no action within these four walls.

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