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In photos: Elderly Vietnamese woman devotes life to disabled sons

TUOI TRE NEWS – UPDATED : 07/24/2016 19:04 GMT + 7

A septuagenarian woman in the central Vietnamese province of Quang Binh has raised and taken care of her two disabled sons who are victims of Agent Orange (AO)/dioxin on her own for more than four decades.

Nguyen Van Hai, 44, and Nguyen Van Hien, 41, who are both victims of dioxin, have been in the loving care of their 73-year-old mother Tran Thi Dang, of Le Thuy District, in the last 44 years.

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Vietnam World’s Fifth Happiest Country, For Now

FORBES – JUL 25, 2016  Brett Davis  CONTRIBUTOR

Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own.

Vietnam has been ranked the fifth happiest country in the world
in a study by the UK think tank the New Economics Foundation.

The Happy Planet Index report measured elements that contribute towards a happy life in 140 countries and looked at factors such as life expectancy, wellbeing, inequality and ecological footprint. The list was topped by Costa Rica, followed by Mexico, Columbia and Vanuatu, making Vietnam the happiest country in Asia.

A lady with her baby stands outside in the rain to get a glimpse of US President Barack Obama as he visits a local shopping district in Hanoi on May 24, 2016. (Photo JIM WATSON/AFP/Getty Images)

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Human Rights Guide to the SDGs?

What is the Human Rights Guide to the SDGs?

The Guide illustrates the human rights anchorage of the 17 goals and provides concrete links between the 169 targets and the range of human rights instruments and labour standards.

Thereby, the Guide reaffirms that human rights instruments and the 2030 Agenda are tied together in a mutually reinforcing way: human rights offer a legally-binding framework as well as guidance for the implementation of the 2030 Agenda. In turn, the SDGs can contribute substantially to the realization of human rights.

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Sexuality Education



Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) is an age-appropriate, culturally relevant approach to teaching about sex and relationships by providing scientifically accurate, realistic, non-judgemental information. Sexuality education provides opportunities to explore one’s own values and attitudes and to build decision-making, communication and risk reduction skills about many aspects of sexuality.

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Sex education from church and state sends mixed messages in Vietnam

in Hanoi

theguardian: As church activists hand out information on ‘safe sex days’ to students, Vietnam’s high abortion rate suggests a need for accurate contraception advice

MDG : Abortion and family planning in Vietnam

A clinic offering 4D foetus imaging in Hanoi. For decades, communist Vietnam enforced a two-child policy, using a mix of administrative penalties and subsidised family planning. Photograph: Hoang Dinh Nam/AFP/Getty Images

On a Saturday morning, about 100 people gather for mass at Thai Ha church in Hanoi. During the sermon, the priest talks about the dangers of sex before marriage and the sin of killing an unborn child. Behind the pews, on a table, sits a small coffin containing foetuses and stillborn babies collected by volunteers over the week from private clinics. Today there are 13 in the box.

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Growing the Future Fellowship

CSIS – The CSIS Global Food Security Project and the International Youth Foundation/CSIS Youth, Prosperity, and Security Initiative at CSIS brought together a select group of young agricultural entrepreneurs from Feed the Future focus countries for one week to Washington, D.C. to gather insights and inform U.S. policymakers on how to improve youth engagement in agricultural development.

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Helping businesses see the benefits of the Sustainable Development Goals

eco-business: Panelists at a forum for business leaders say that aligning business targets and sustainability practices as well as partnerships are essential in achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Panelists at the inaugural session of the Thought Leadership Series. Speakers from Diageo, City Developments Limited, Save the Children, Unilever and Corporate Citizenship discuss the implications of the UN Sustainable Development Goals to businesses in Singapore. Image: Hive Consulting

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Analysis: Can China Enforce a South China Sea Air-Defense Identification Zone?

USNI News – By:

Map showing the location of Chinese bases in Hainan and reclaimed islands and infrastructure in the South China Sea.

Map showing the location of Chinese bases in Hainan and reclaimed islands and infrastructure in the South China Sea.

Is China about to declare an Air-Defense Identification Zone (ADIZ) over the South China Sea? And how effectively would it be able to enforce such a zone?

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Dragon fruit brings farmers sweet success

VNN – Update: June, 05/2016 – 09:00

The day’s haul: A local farmer loads dragon fruit to sell at markets. VNA/VNS Photo Đình Huệ

Around 20 years ago, farmers in Long An Province’s Châu Thành District began to grow dragon fruit instead of paddy, which did not yield much profit. The fruit, now grown on almost 90 per cent of the land, has brought about a miraculous economic transformation, Văn Đạt discovers.

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Vietnam’s zombie companies threaten long-term growth

6 July 2016 – Author: Ian Coxhead, University of Wisconsin-Madison – eastasiaforum

The biggest macroeconomic challenge facing Vietnam today is sustaining growth. Most doi moi-era growth has resulted either from efficiency gains associated with the introduction of a market economy (opening domestic markets and trade, relaxing restrictions on labour movement and land transactions) or from expanded endowments of low-skill labour and capital. GDP continues to grow at a very respectable rate, albeit lower than that projected in national planning documents.

A man carries lychees on a motorbike on a street in Luc Ngan, Vietnam, 22 June 2016. (Photo: AAP).

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Vietnam: Corruption whistleblowers protection mechanism under current laws

Towards Transparency (TT)[1] 
National Contact of Transparency International (TI) in Vietnam

Vietnam: Corruption whistleblowers protection mechanism under current laws

vietnamlawmagazine – Denunciation is a fundamental right of citizens that is recognized in the Constitution of Vietnam and also a crucial channel for government agencies to access information about, detect and handle violations of the law. Vietnam has long recognized the rights of whistleblowers in general and corruption whistleblowers in particular in many different legal instruments. However, many legal provisions are just principles, non-specific and scattered in various legal instruments of different legal effects.

U.S. sanctions North Korean leader for first time over human rights

Reuters | Thu Jul 7, 2016 7:00am EDT

The United States on Wednesday sanctioned North Korean leader Kim Jong Un for the first time, citing “notorious abuses of human rights,” in a move diplomats say will infuriate the nuclear-armed country.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un – Reuters

The sanctions, the first to target any North Koreans for rights abuses, affect property and other assets within the U.S. jurisdiction. They include 10 other individuals besides Kim and five government ministries and departments, the U.S. Treasury Department said in a statement.

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