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2 maps that explain US strategy in Asia-Pacific

Business Insider

George Friedman and Jacob L. Shapiro, Mauldin Economics Feb. 15, 2017, 6:46 PM

Secretary of Defense James Mattis recently wrapped up his first international trip whose purpose was to “listen to the concerns of South Korean and Japanese leaders.”

The two countries are crucial US allies in Asia, and both face serious threats in their near abroad.

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Remember this mural village in Vietnam? Its residents now offer homestay service

TUOI TRE NEWS Updated : 03/19/2017 14:43 GMT + 7

Residents of the central Vietnamese fishing village of Tam Thanh, which has gained popularity since a 2016 makeover that turned the entire locale into a giant canvas for mural paintings, are now running homestay service to host visitors.

The service is part of a community tourism project initiated by the administration of Tam Ky City, the capital of Quang Nam Province, where the village is located.

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France, Japan back free navigation in Asia-Pacific, Abe says

Reuters | Mon Mar 20, 2017 | 5:54pm EDT

French President Francois Hollande and Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe attend a joint declaration at the Elysee Palace in Paris, France, March 20, 2017. REUTERS/Philippe Wojaze

France and Japan support a “free and open maritime order” in the Asia-Pacific region, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said after talks with French President Francois Hollande on Monday.

The message seemed aimed at China, which claims almost all the South China Sea and which has fueled concern in Japan and the West with its growing military presence in the waterway.

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Asia’s Five Most Corrupt Countries

5. Myanmar: 40% bribery rate

4. Pakistan: 40% bribery rate

3. Thailand: 41% bribery rate

2. Vietnam: 65% bribery rate

1. India: 69% bribery rate

Tanvi Gupta ,  CONTRIBUTOR

I am an intern with Forbes Asia.

Ten rupees Indian banknotes (Photographer: Dhiraj Singh/Bloomberg)

Ten rupees Indian banknotes (Photographer: Dhiraj Singh/Bloomberg)

From South Korea’s presidential scandal to Malaysia’s 1MDB fund, not many Asian countries have been able to avoid the smear of corruption. But just how pervasive is the problem across the continent?

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China begins new work on disputed South China Sea island

A combination of satellite photos shows Chinese-controlled North Island, part of the Paracel group in the South China Sea, on Feb. 15 (top) and on March 6. Reuters

JAPAN TIMES Reuters Mar 15, 2017

China has started fresh construction work in the disputed South China Sea, new satellite images show, a sign that Beijing is continuing to strengthen its military reach across the vital trade waterway.

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Problems in education sector mount

Last update 07:35 | 11/01/2017

VietNamNet Bridge – The educational sector has been blamed for the unemployment of 200,000 university graduates, among other issues. 

Image result for hoc sinh tieu hoc

Insecurity at school

A report released by MOET and UNICEF shows that 80 percent of students suffered from gender-based violence at least once, while 71 percent suffered from school violence in the last six months.

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Businesses try to ease losses with private properties

Last update 16:00 | 17/03/2017

VietNamNet Bridge – Vo Truong Thanh, former president of Truong Thanh Furniture Group (TTF), and Tram Be, former deputy chair of Sacombank, have committed to compensate for losses incurred by their enterprises as a way to be responsible for their mismanagement.

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The board of directors of TTF has submitted to shareholders a plan to fix the existing problems suggested by Vo Truong Thanh, former chair and CEO of TTF, and Vo Diep Van Tuan, Thanh’s son and former deputy CEO.Under the plan, Thanh and Tuan would compensate a part of the consequences caused by his poor management in cash or assets.

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Thanh Nguyên: Chiến lược gọi hứng cho mọi người và phát triển doanh nghiệp

Chào các bạn,

Dưới đây là kênh Eventual Millionaire phỏng vấn con gái lớn của mình Trần Lê Thanh Nguyên (Nik Trowbridge) về chiến lược kinh doanh. Thanh Nguyên là chủ một công ty làm đẹp, một trường dạy làm đẹp, một công ty tư vấn các công ty làm đẹp, bên cạnh làm nhiếp ảnh gia.

Nguyên được chọn là Woman of Distinction của NAWBO (National Association of Women Business Owners), Hoa Kỳ, năm 2016.

Lúc còn nhỏ mình và bà xã cứ lo lớn lên Nguyên hiền và chậm quá, sẽ khó sống. Nhưng ngày nay Nguyên chỉ huy và tư vấn rất nhanh và sắc bén. Đó cũng là nhờ nhiều năm làm lãnh đạo công ty, và yêu nghề.

Các bạn có thể click vào link dưới đây để nghe audio hay xem video clip. Hoặc đọc bản viết của cuộc interview dưới đây.



Đọc tiếp Thanh Nguyên: Chiến lược gọi hứng cho mọi người và phát triển doanh nghiệp

My Lai Massacre Anniversary

    TĐH: Below is an article written by Mike Hastie, an American Army medic who started his service in Vietnam in 1970, two years after the Mỹ Lai Massacre happened. Mike has been raising funds to support My Lai Massacre Memorial and the last time he visited My Lai was on April 5-6, 2016. He wrote this article on the occasion of the 49th Anniversary of the Massacre.
    These articles by American veterans about Mỹ Lai have always been some education for me. They are always full of pain, anger, shame and guilt, so full and fresh as if everything has just happened yesterday. And that always amazes me about the American soul.
    We Vietnamese don’t keep things that long. We may talk about an event, but always with a distance between us and it, more like a history lesson than a fresh wound. I teach my Buddhist students non-attachment: “Do not grasp onto anything. All things – good or bad, happy or sad, rewarding or punishing – are simply fleeting clouds sailing through the blue transparent permanent sky which is our Buddha heart.” But these veterans’ letters, always fresh in anguish, show me more than often the depth and the purity in the American heart. Though I would still say: “Don’t grasp onto anything. Let go”.
    This article is about misery but also about healing.  It is a history lesson and a lesson about the human heart.
    After Mike’s article is a comment from our friend Chuck Searcy.


My Lai Massacre Anniversary

Today, March 16, 2017, is the 49th anniversary of the My Lai Massacre, located in Quang Ngai Province, Vietnam.

It was Saturday morning, March 16, 1968, when approximately 115 U.S. Army soldiers of the American Division’s Charlie Company, 1st Battalion, 20th Infantry, landed in helicopters just outside the village of My Lai 4. Over the course of the next four hours, these American soldiers, and their Military High Command, who were flying overhead in helicopters observing the massacre, took part in a horror show far beyond the human imagination. They took the term “War Crimes” and added a butcher shop to the equation of morbid extermination. In essence, they became a U.S. version of the final solution. They committed an act of barbarity that would redefine the war in Vietnam. It would take years to decipher what happened that day, as denial is the elixir that protects us from experiencing national shame. It is these two words, ” National Shame,” that continues to hide the truth of what really happened in Southeast Asia.

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