What VN needs to do to attract quality FDI after Covid-19

Update: July, 14/2020 – 08:00 VNSChia sẻ bài viết lên Twitter|

A factory belonging to a foreign company in Hải Dương.  There are several things Việt Nam could do to become more attractive to foreign investors.—  VNA/VNS Photo Trần Việt

HCM CITY — Speeding up infrastructure development and improving ease of doing business and vocational training are among things Việt Nam can do to make itself more attractive to foreign investors post-Covid-19, according to investment fund VinaCapital.

Don Lam, the fund’s co-founder and CEO, said, “Consultants expect  20 per cent of China’s manufacturing sector to move out the country in the coming years.

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