Prayer 618

The prayer series


Clothing is a language.

If a lady wants to be treated like a lady,
she should dress as a lady.

I think
gender inequality in our country could be reduced
if our women dress as ladies
and of course, if they act as ladies.

Our women should learn how to wear,
learn clothing language.

before knowing you,
I wore whatever.
After knowing you,
I think more about dressing.
I realize our dressing level is low.
Most people, especially women, don’t know how to dress.
This shows that most people lack artistic skill.

Major constituents of the arts include
literature (drama, poetry and prose),
performing arts (dance, music and theatre),
and visual arts (drawing, painting, filmmaking, architecture, ceramics, sculpting and photography).

People don’t need to be artists
but they need to know about arts.

how to develop arts in our country?

Someday our people will dress well, right, Jesus?





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