How strong are we? The Viet Trinity

Dear brothers and sisters,

How strong are we?

It depends.

On what?

On how close we are to one another.

That is a simple fact, easy to forget.

But not me. Living through the War, seeing death and destruction and pain flowing through our cities, our fields, our villages and our own hearts, I have since said, “No more. We shall never again have war among us. We shall never again be divided. We shall always be united.”

Our strength, the strength of our nation, depends on our unity and our ability to live together and work together.

That’s where the Buddha’s and Jesus’ teaching comes in: Love all people.

If we don’t love all people, we can’t unite, for then many things capable of dividing us shall be at work – political theories, religious dogmas, economic principles, social idealism, and anything in the universe on which any two of us may differ in opinion.

My God! There is only one reason to unite, but a billion causes to divide.

However, relax and fear not.

What unites us is not money or diamond, or greed, or fame. What unites us is the most powerful force in the universe: love.

Love defeats all, conquers all.

We love one another, we love our ancestors, and we love our motherland.

Don’t forget this cultural and spiritual fact: we are all brothers and sisters coming out of one bag – we are anh chị em đồng bào, from father Lạc Long Quân and mother Âu Cơ.

We are all in one family. We love one another. And we will keep on going and advancing and advancing and advancing together so that, one day not too far off, we shall stand as equal among the strongest nations on this planet.

Love. Unity. Victory.

That is our Viet Trinity.

A. Hoành

© copyright 2019
Trần Đình Hoành
Permitted for non-commercial use

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