Prayer 328

The prayer series


When you became flesh,(1)
you chose a manger to dwell for the first time.(2)
You are lowly in heart.

You are lowly
for you know you are the Son of God.

You know that the Father had put all things under your power,(3)
all the things so important to us that
whoever believes in you shall not perish but have eternal life.(4)

You knew you had great power,
so you chose lowly things to do.
And the lowly thing here was to dwell in a manger.

You chose the lowly thing so that we could understand:

To you,
nothing is lowly,
nothing is high.

Lowly or high is a view of human.

To you,
all things are equal.

All things are equal.
So the lowly manger
in a place for animals,
the dirty, smelly, unhealthy place,
is equal to any high bed for kings.

All things are equal before you
for all things are made through you.(5)

Praise be to you, Jesus.



(1) John 1:14
(2) Luke 2:7
(3) John 13:3-4
(4) John 3:16
(5) John 1:3

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