There are 168 million victims of child labour – and we’re failing them

Written by Nina Smith, Executive Director, GoodWeave
Published Thursday 31 March 2016

weforum – On a recent trip to India, I met a 12-year-old girl, Kushboo, in the village of Bhairupura, not far from Jaipur. Bhairupura is a village of the Raigar people, a scheduled caste who traditionally work in shoe-making. There’s nothing beyond the village but forest. Few outsiders visit Bhairupura, except for the agents working for the carpet manufacturers who operate modern factories in Jaipur.

Mohammed Zakir, (13), carries rolls of sarees, a traditional cloth used for women's clothing, for drying after washing them on the terrace of a building in the southern Indian city of Hyderabad June 30, 2011.

Those factories are where international buyers are brought to tour. But many of their rugs are not produced at these locations. Rather, they are being made in villages like Bhairupura, by children like Kushboo – a cheap, captive and unseen workforce.

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