Opportunities and Challenges for Journalism in the Digital Age: Asian and European Perspectives

25 August 2015 Project: Asia Programme

Senior Research Fellow, Asia Programme

While the digital age poses a variety of serious challenges to the forms and finances of journalistic reporting, there is much potential for enhanced collaboration between Asian and European media organizations, writes Gareth Price.

People in metro, Tokyo. Photo: Rolf Georg Brenner / Contributor / Getty Images.People in metro, Tokyo. Photo: Getty Images.


  • While the ‘death of newspapers’ has been long predicted, the internet and social media provide the industry with significant challenges; traditional models are rapidly being made redundant. In particular, newspapers are no longer ‘gatekeepers’ of access to news.
  • Although newspapers were among the first industries to recognize the internet’s importance, they have performed poorly at monetizing readership in the digital age. Instead, many revenue streams have been diverted from newspapers to IT companies and news aggregators.

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