A bunch of daisies to make my day

That was my usual day after school. I attended the weekly physical training session for table tennis. I was actually quite lazy to almost quit that session since I did not feel really well. After debating with myself for a while, I decided to go for the sport hall in order to refresh myself after recent headache days at work.

Finishing the session, I was quite exhausted since I did not attend any training last week. Plus, I lost most of the games today.

Walking back home, I realized I already had enough food for thought for today  but I still needed more food for the stomach. I needed to drop by a grocery store to get food for dinner.

I went to a nearby grocery store on the way back home. Remembering that I needed to withdraw some cash because for this grocery wouldn’t accept payment by card for items less than 10E. So, I stepped over to the ATM beside the store. But the machine was out of service. I was too lazy to try cashing at another machine just right across the street.

One thing I’d like to mention: a good thing in Lisbon compared to many European cities is that you can find an ATM at almost every corner.

I still had some food left for dinner. I wouldn’t be starved if I bought no food for now. Talked to myself. So I left the ATM and the grocery store without buying anything.

I was about to walk straight home. But, something held me back when I turned to the left of the ATM. On the pavement, there was a lady whose tiny “store” was right next to the ATM. This was the vendor that I saw almost everyday on my way home from school.

She is about 60 years old, I guess. She normally sells things like herbs of rosemary, parsley, or different mixes of vegetables. Sometimes, she has few pieces of lemon or aloe vera.)

I had bought a bunch of lavender from her last year. That was the lavender I took home to VN and gave to my friend as promised, as a gift for her. I had also promised to myself that I would come back to this lady when the lavender season came this year.


To be honest, most of the things the lady had in her “store” usually were not of my interest. Most of the time, I just passed by her. I sometimes smiled towards her  but she rarely smiled back at me. I often didn’t dare looking directly into her eyes since I could feel something like a deep agony in her eyes. Her face was full of wrinkles underlying sadness. Nonetheless, I often tried to look into her “store” to find if there was anything I would like to pick up. But I barely found any.

Anyway, let’s come back to the story why I did not go straight home but stopped at that vendor. Because I found that she had something different today – flower – a few bunches of daisies.

I told the vendor that I wanted to take one bunch of her flower. That bunch of daisy costed me 2 Euros which, I guessed, was maybe 5 Euros in a normal supermarket.

I gave her 2-Euro coins, said ciao – bye to her, then walked away. I was walking just couple of steps away from her, then the lady called me back. Surprisingly enough, she gave me another bunch of daisies, yet not forgetting smiling back at me.


That, perhaps, was the first time I saw a true smile on her face.

That smile with a bunch of daisies just made my day.

Thu Hằng

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