My little friend – Rocky

My little friend, 11-year old dog, Rocky – named after the dog of Tottochan – a Japanese story written by Tetsuko. With a close childhood friend of mine, we booth named our dogs as such Rocky.  Rocky, however, is not any rocky-like as appeared is his name.

Rocky is strongly attached to only my family members. He is even a bit shy towards “stranger” guests visiting our house. He never hurts anyone. Rocky can only scare people enough by his German-shepherd looking and by his loud barking. He likes playing and sniffing around kids or babies rather than adults. So does he like puppies and smaller dogs. He doesn’t like big dogs since he is afraid of being bullied, though he is not too small dog to be bullied at all. For that very reason, Rocky basically has no dog friend. Not just that, he is afraid of anyone being or pretending unfriendly or talking too loud to him. He particularly dislikes people having a lot of alcoholic smell. I can tell Rocky can certainly sense who is that person if he is nearby.

I always believe that Rocky is the reincarnation of somebody’s soul or he is a God’s angel sent.  I can see it in the look of his eyes, and in the way of his behaviors. My Mum often says that in his previous life he must have been as a Prince or Princess  He might had done something sinful, his reincarnation of this life then is to be a very blessing dog. I call him a flower lover since he sniffs around any flower he could find in our house. I enjoy taking photos of him doing so.

There is something to say about his eating. The way he takes his meal is just like a cat, which is never too hurried to jump into his plate. As long as my Mom is at home, he does not eat alone without having my Mom seating beside to urge him to take his meal. Whenever my Mom is away from home, unluckily, he has no choice but to get his meal right away without any “polite invitations”. My sister said: “Mom, see, he knows who to ask for being indulged himself”.

I am not a fan of candy but wherever I have some candy, cake or chocolate, I share with him. On junk food, except something he really likes, otherwise he tries a bite just for fun and then walk away without begging for anymore! (so much the so-called choosy dog isn’t).

Rocky is generally very well-behaved. He rarely asks for food neither breaks nor chews any furniture inside our house (like many dogs do)). He however does break things at time.  I remembered once he broke a glass since he was trying to, maybe, take the piece of paper under the glass on the table. He, of course, then pretended doing nothing wrong when my Mom asked.

Rocky never enjoys being home alone except, I guess, sometimes when he wishes to enjoy our bed alone which he is not allowed to. He anyway jumps into our bed at times when he is so excited or when he is frighten by the rain and thunder. Rocky is deathly afraid of thunder and lightning when it rains.

There was one incident that I can’t forget of him being so frighten. That day I came home from school, I saw the metal-made door of our house was torn as if someone had tried to break into the house. Blood was scattering around the door. It seemed like Rocky tried to get out because he was afraid of something. The blood was from his mouth and his paws. His paws still have some scars due to that accident. I was not sure what to do but called  my Mom to come home to comfort us both since I was honestly scared. I still don’t really understand why Rocky behaved in such a way that had never happened before.

I sometimes feel guilty for not having enough time with him though I always say it’s my Rocky, half of the time I am not home. I used to wish that he could open the computer to Skype with me when I am away, but it’s hopeless. No one has ever taught him doing so.

His closest friend now is Mom. He mostly follows behind my Mom steps, whenever Mom goes sometimes even to the toilet! (Then my Mom just turns her head lovely teasing him, what is the point you following me to the toilet?). He does actually enjoy lying inside the bathroom in the very hot summer days. He never minds going up and down many times with Mom while Mom is doing exercises at home

I remember once, it was raining hard but my Mom had to go out to do something. Rocky couldn’t resist his innate fear for the rain but run right after my Mom’s motorbike. I then had to take an umbrella running behind to ask him to go back home. After then, my nephew had a chance to laugh at me and Rocky since I was trying to cover Rocky with the umbrella while running behind him. And “that looked funny”, my nephew said.

My Mom has ever been more incredibly patient for Rocky’s meals and for his bathing. My Mom takes him to shower almost every day in hot summer, and at least 2 times per week in the winter. He is too used to the habit to make any resistance for water. When I am home, I do take him to shower with Mom. Sometimes, I sit and watched my Mom taking shower for him. There was an incident, I remember, Mom scold him hardly for his mischievous behavior. Rocky jumped into the mud, somewhere we didn’t know, right after his shower! Of course, my Mom had to wash him all over again

Still, there is a lot of pieces about Rocky that I can’t remember. Yesterday, I dreamed about Rocky with other very white dogs. They all crawled over my shoulders from behind my back. I then had a bit of feeling that Rocky might not be well. Thanks God, Rocky is still fine. So, I decided to write something about Rocky today to thank for his being and to thank God for sending him to my family.

Thu Hằng

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