List of 104 students excellent in studying and filial piety, honored at the 16th Đọt Chuối Non Scholarship award ceremony


After nearly 2 months of preparation, in collaboration with the Department of Education & Training of the province to review and evaluate the records of studious and filial students nominated by schools and the Department of Education of many districts in Dak Lak province. , Dak Lak Tu Tam Association approved the list of 104 students honored in the 16th Dot Chuoi Non Scholarship award ceremony, held at Luong The Vinh Secondary School (No. 02 Nguyen Huu Tho, Tan Loi Ward, City). Buon Ma Thuot), taking place from 7 am to 9 am, Monday, January 9, is the Vietnamese Student-Student Day in 2023.

Dispatch notification between Association, Department and related units about the nomination of studious and filial students.

The total value of the Dot Chuoi Non scholarship awarded for the 16th time is 320 million VND. With 104 studious and filial students honored in the upcoming ceremony, Tu Tam Association in Dak Lak will award 10 Special scholarships, each of 5 million VND; 84 scholarships to overcome difficulties, 3 million VND each; 10 students received bicycles. The Organizing Committee of the Ceremony arranged a quick breakfast corner in the Green Library space of the school, welcoming delegations of teachers and students from remote and remote districts who had to get up very early to go to the street to attend the ceremony.

Thousands of students, guests, and delegates attended the ceremony with a small gift with deep meaning, the book Promotion of Study by Fukuzawa Yukichi, copyrighted by the Chairman of Trung Nguyen Legend Corporation, translated from Japanese, print gift.  

This is a List of 104 poor students who are filial and filial who were honored, received scholarships and bicycles at the 16th Young Banana Dot Scholarship Award Ceremony. Tu Tam Association in Dak Lak respectfully invites the delegations to carefully prepare for the event. they go and return safely, come to the ceremony at the right place and time. Students from different ethnic groups are encouraged to wear their national costumes, if any.

Photos from the field trip of Tu Tam Association in Dak Lak, and sent back from schools in remote areas, show that most of the poor, studious and filial students nominated this time are in extremely difficult circumstances. towel. Many children are orphans of both parents and have to study and work to support themselves. Many children with birth defects and serious diseases still try to get along and study well. There are female students up to 26km from the school who still go home 2 times a day with an old motorbike, stay in town to work until late at night to finish work, to have money to pay school fees for the 12th grade year…

It is expected that in 2023, the Dak Lak Tu Tam Association will mobilize the community, together with the organization GIVE.Asia to help many poor and studious students living in extremely difficult circumstances, children suffering from diseases that need to be treated, but for a long time. Today, due to the poverty of the family, they have not been trained to improve their physical condition, and have not been taken to the doctor for examination, treatment and surgery . Let’s help them have a better life. 

                                      Dak Lak Tu Tam Association

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