Breathing meditation

Dear brothers and sisters,

Breathing meditation is the most fundamental technique in training the mind to keep the mind still. It is easy to practice – only focusing on breathing and do nothing else, such as counting the breath.

The purpose of breathing meditation is to concentrate the mind on the breath, in order to stop the mind from wandering. So, relaxing the mind and focusing on breathing, slowly and deeply. If our thinking follows other things, pull ourselves back to our breathing.

Breathing meditation gives us mindfulness, peace  and joy.

However, we can practice breathing meditation only when we have a little pain. When we have a lot of pain and suffering, breathing meditation hardly helps us.

Moreover, we can hardly love people by breathing. We should remember our ultimate goal in our spiritual development is loving all people unconditionally. So we need to try all tools to get to the goal. Breathing meditation is one tool.

We should know what is the goal, and what is a tool. If not, we’ll just be treading water in our spiritual development.

Love people, and we will see the way.

Have a love day.

Phạm Thu Hương

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