Loving yourself?

Dear brothers and sisters,

Loving yourself often means doing what you like and not caring about what people say.

Loving yourself also means living slowly, living with nature, listening to yourself, healing yourself, or spending time for yourself.

Loving yourself also means befriending your self – accepting your weakness, comforting yourself, encouraging yourself, or being kind to yourself.

Loving yourself is one of the first steps to develop your spirituality. Loving yourself can help you love people more, because if you can’t love yourself – the person who is closest to you, how can you love anyone?

However, if loving yourself is the goal of your spiritual development, all your efforts will become meaningless. The more you practice loving yourself, the worse you become.

So, loving yourself should be one part in your spiritual development, not be your ultimate goal. Your goal should be loving all people unconditionally.

Yes, your goal in your spiritual development should be loving all people unconditionally, not only loving those who you love, or those who love you; but also loving those who treat you badly or don’t love you.

When you love all people unconditionally, your heart will be healed and peaceful without you having to do anything.

That is the true spiritual development way.

Have a love day.

Phạm Thu Hương

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