In the race to power Vietnam, green energy grows faster than policies can catch up – Tuesday, 31 December 2019.

Written by Michael Tatarski. Illustration by Hannah Hoang.

For a few months earlier this year, it seemed like there was no stopping the wave of renewable energy projects coming online in Vietnam.

In March, the Srepok 1-Quang Minh solar power plant, Vietnam’s largest at the time, opened in Dak Lak Province. In September, it was surpassed by the Dau Tieng Solar Power Complex in Tay Ninh Province, which is Southeast Asia’s largest solar farm. The following month, the Asia Development Bank agreed to help fund the country’s first floating solar power facility on a reservoir in Binh Thuan Province. If built, it will be the region’s largest such facility. And in October, Vietnam Electricity (EVN) announced that 12,765 rooftop solar systems are selling power to the grid nationwide.

The Dau Tieng Solar Power Complex in Tay Ninh. Photo via VnExpress/Quynh Tran.

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