‘We are losing control’: China’s ‘dangerous’ South China Sea plan almost complete

It’s a mission that has existed in the shadows, seizing control little-by-little – and now China’s ultimate plan is almost complete.

news.com.au JANUARY 2, 20209:56AM
South China Sea conflict: Will Australia be forced into war?
  • Pressure is mounting for Australia to get involved in the South China Sea conflict.

The battle for the South China Sea is heating up. Vietnam. Malaysia. The Philippines. All have drawn lines in the sandbars against China. But it may already be too late.

This past year, Vietnam stood its ground over the right to deploy an oil rig within its UN-mandated waters. Malaysia complained publicly of interference by the Chinese coastguard. The Philippines moved to secure its Scarborough Shoal islands. And, all the while, new nations have been joining the Freedom of Navigation pushback over Beijing’s claims to the South China Sea.

NED-0784-South-China-Sea-Disputed-Claims - 0

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